Selection Givenchy

Roxana Bazgoneh

Roxana bazgoneh, a french director, photographer and creative director currently living between new york and paris, is first and foremost a passionate storyteller. Whether her videos are digitally shot or on film, she carefully composes them, the color palette is never random and the extensive use of sound design and music completes her striking imagery. Roxana always pulls together a beautiful product that creates a powerful emotional impact. Her editing skills give her stories a third writing.
Her fiction work has been showcased and rewarded at numerous film festivals globally and, her most recent commercial work, created buzz on adweek and fast company.



Jeanne Sigwalt

Jeanne Sigwalt is a French director, script writer and art director who grew up surrounded by art, with a particular passion for contemporary dance. Her work centres around how bodies express the feelings she yearns to depict. The characters and atmospheres she creates spark emotions that she turns into pathetic fallacy. Her rigorous aesthetic unravels around remarkable strong and surprising female figures.

In 2017 she created, along with five friends, a film company specialised in visual creations called La Piscine Mon Amour ! , with which she directed several music videos (Tout va bien, premiered at Tema Festivals), advertisements, dance and experimental movies.

Her 2020 works include a Guerlain advertising campaign. She also joined the French Society of Directors (SFR). Jeanne is currrently working on two short films : Beauty and The Bathers.



Jade Deshayes

Graduated from Gobelins as photography student, Jade Deshayes is a young director from Paris.
Active photographer, she naturally moved towards direction. From fashion, she orientated her work towards a sensorial universe, working on the complexity of the relationships surrounding her. She draws her inspiration from the social questioning of the cinema in the 60’s, its vision of the woman figure, the youth and its evolution through time. Between sensuality and a touch of humour, she interrogates the embedded values in popular culture.