Roland Mouron – Valéo

Roland Mouron – Valéo

« I am involved with a research project about visual authenticity viewed through the global image. Capturing images in Digital, photography, printing Posters, or whichever format is most appropriate. I want to maintain a visual approach with an original and an aesthetically pleasing “way of watching” dedicated to the discovery of the world that surrounds us.

30 Years of Worldwide Experience in Digital Picturing.

Far from the image  » of the Report « , every frame of the movie has to be approached under a photographic angle. More than a simple description, I look for a poetic and graphic writing which allies perspective and closeness. To do so, I choose the adapted equipment, associated and optimized for the occasion. I use cameras all « customized » Cinema. Thanks to the sensors and Cinema optics, I can realize shots which restore the beauty and the authenticity of the situation. I use a Pole Cam, a portable crane of a length of 1,5m to 6m, with a remote-controlled 2D head equipped with a Follow Focus HF CMotion. I use a Stabe One, equipped with Follow Focus to give off the slowness to the picture and realize « Stabilized » travelings. I use a Multirotor or « air drone » to realize aerial views in height or on the ground inside or outside a set. All perspectives are possible so to speak. I always play with depth of field and give a meaning to a section of the image. I use «Cinema» lenses, to give a photographic aspect to the pictures – graphic composition and optimal visual quality -. One purpose: The choices of frames, the axes of shots, very photographic, gives a modernity to the movie. The image has to be aesthetic and emotional. I can glorify the light, and sublimate what makes the strength of the intentions in the movie. »


SANEF from Raise UP Films on Vimeo.

REMADE from Raise UP Films on Vimeo.

GTT from Raise UP Films on Vimeo.

GEODIS from Raise UP Films on Vimeo.