Christian Ricken x BK

Christian Ricken

Born in Frankfurt the football enthusiast quickly found a second passion: Filming! Starting of as a teenager with Video-8 and experimenting with different forms of style and genre Christian found his true love in creating humorous moving images.

The idea to tell a humorous story that is able to evoke emotions by using everything the creative department has to offer has been fascinating to him ever since.

Christian is eager to meet new people and gain experiences from the interactions with different cultures. Therefore living in Madrid and the United States finally led to a year off, conquering the world with his backpack.

He has a wide professional background: Christian completed film school and master class in Munich. He wrote and directed two comedies and edited numerous commercial films. Concept work is one of his key skills.

Focusing on directing commercials, his passion for storytelling in combination with his special sense of humor led to many award winning projects.


PIN-Bootcamp (Short Version) from Christian Ricken on Vimeo.

OUTER SPACE from Christian Ricken on Vimeo.

TRUE LOVE from Christian Ricken on Vimeo.

BAD PETS – Determined Dog from Christian Ricken on Vimeo.